Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with a simple and easy detailing experience. We
strive not only to do an exceptional job but also make sure that every customer is
satisfied and informed correctly. We believe that working together with the community is
very important and therefore support school fundraisers as well as other local events.

Next Level Detailing

About Us

My name is Willi Sartison and I founded Next Level Detailing in 2018. We strive to not only offer
you professional services, but also go out of our way to make your experience amazing and

I love to share my story and motivate young individuals to live life to their fullest and push through any hardships or barriers, to keep going because what you put your mind to is possible. It takes motivation and commitment, which we as a business try our best to portray. I share my story to many folks who visit our doors, and use our services to spread hope and awareness to them and their kids. Our goal is not only to run a business, but to have a positive impact on the community and our future generations.

My manager (in training), who details, takes calls and books the majority of our clients just turned 16 and is making a big difference in our business and the community. Our motto and goals show our customers and their kids that so much more is possible. No matter how young you are it’s never too early to do what you love and that’s where history is made! We are happy to work with many individuals and strive to bring out the best in people, and that’s why we get up every morning and push to do our best!

I believe what makes us different is my love for the business, our attention to detail, our customer service and my motivation to empower young individuals to work up to their potential and strive to do their best. These are the main things that customers love about me and my